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Strange Dreams

Dreams have always intrigued human beings. From the earliest civilisations down to the modern day humankind has tried to interpret them in a variety of ways. Every person has an interpretation for dreams. There are those who feel that dreams, especially bad ones, are the result of thoughtless overeating at supper. Others claim that they can predict your future if you tell them your dreams. Dreams, they say, help us process emotions especially negative ones. Whatever the latest scientific theory about dreams the one fact that remains is that they continue to be a mystery. Besides they are endlessly entertaining, … Continue reading Strange Dreams

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“A Land Full of Muslims”

At a wedding I recently attended, a lady asked me where I was from and when I responded that I belonged to Kerala her reaction was like a tight slap on my face. “Kerala!” she sneered, “It’s a land full of Muslims. They’re all over the place. You can see them everywhere when you step out.” Her tone made me doubt my ears for a moment. Was she talking of human beings or of queasy creepy crawlies infesting a week old corpse? The hatred in her eyes rattled me. More so because this lady was not some monster out of … Continue reading “A Land Full of Muslims”

English Vinglish

The average Malayali has a tortured relationship with English. It’s full of contradictions – love, hate; admiration, envy; desire, indifference. The actress Urvashi commenting during a popular music reality show put it succinctly when she said, “Those who make fun of those who speak English well are actually jealous. They just hide behind a pretense of disdain.” She could not have been more right. Mallus have a strange fascination for and hatred of English. They secretly admire those who speak the language fluently but put on an outward show of dislike. “Oh, come on,” you will hear them say, “There … Continue reading English Vinglish

Favorite Scenes from Endlessly Watched Movies – 1

I thought I’d do a series on some well-loved scenes from some of the movies I’ve watched so many times that I’ve lost count of the number. I’m at my laziest and happiest when watching certain movies again and again. It gives me a feeling similar to that of curling up on a warm unmade bed that I’ve slept in earlier. The characters and their fates are familiar and one is not in for any nasty stomach knotting surprises. And if I’ve something crunchy and spicy to munch on, it’s paradise. I confess to being fiercely regional and parochial when … Continue reading Favorite Scenes from Endlessly Watched Movies – 1


Let me start off with the bad things because I believe in getting the unpleasant business over and done with first. Another reason is that when you are done reading you leave with a pleasant feeling and that is always good. But before any of that here is the story. The death of revered political leader P. K. Ramdas (Sachin Khedekar) leads to a predictable power struggle among the leaders. His villainous son-in-law Bobby (Vivek Oberoi) tries to install his son Jathin Ramdas (Tovino Thomas) as a puppet to enable him to turn Kerala into a land for production and … Continue reading FIVE GOOD THINGS (AND FIVE OTHERS NOT SO GOOD) ABOUT MALAYALAM MOVIE – LUCIFER