Tony Paul – Enterprising Entrepreneur

Hailing from rural Kasaragod in Kerala, Tony Paul, with his left leaning idealism, did not in his wildest dreams think that he would end up being an entrepreneur. Yet this firebrand student leader found himself doing just that. The young and dynamic co-founder of Datahut shares the salient points of his journey. Edited excerpts from a conversation over coffee: Veena Narayan: What comes to mind immediately when I say childhood? Tony Paul: Curiosity. I was a curious kid, full of questions. I studied in a school close to my home and I was fortunate to have teachers who actively encouraged … Continue reading Tony Paul – Enterprising Entrepreneur

Dr C. P. Unnikrishnan – Scholar, Kathakali Exponent

Scholar, Kathakali artist, choreographer, educationist, gadget geek – these are only some of the several ways one could describe Dr C. P. Unnikrishnan. Born in Ernakulam and with strong roots in Palakkad and Kozhikode, Dr Unnikrishnan is an alumnus of the Wilson College, Mumbai. After obtaining a doctorate in human physiology, everyone expected him to follow the path of research. But the pull of Kathakali, the mesmerising dance form unique to Kerala, was too strong and Dr Unnikrishnan returned home to follow his passion. Edited excerpts from a long conversation: Veena Narayan: Please share some childhood memories. Dr C. P. … Continue reading Dr C. P. Unnikrishnan – Scholar, Kathakali Exponent

Interview: Anand Narayan – Banker with a Penchant for Stencil Art

Banking and art – they don’t seem to have much in common. But here is a banker who found expression for his creativity through stencil art. Meet Anand Narayan, a Mumbaikar, who lives and works in Hong Kong as Senior Trader with HSBC Asset Management. An alumnus of the St Lawrence High School, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, Anand also holds a post graduate degree from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Edited excerpts from an email interview:  Veena Narayan: I understand you were born and brought up in Mumbai. Any childhood memories that you would like to share? Anand Narayan: … Continue reading Interview: Anand Narayan – Banker with a Penchant for Stencil Art