We were all sitting around after dinner, the remnants of the meal lying spread-eagled on the table. Some of us had moved over to the plush sofa on the balcony because she had. Our section was screened from the other diners by a half wall that cordoned off the table and the balcony giving us a sense of the exclusive. She was relaxed, her legs stretched in front of her. The lights from the city far below lighted her hair that shimmered around her with an ethereal glow. Who was she, really? Of course we knew who she was. She … Continue reading Hunters

They Too

Though it was a Sunday all seventy nine of them were at the large auditorium on the dot as if it were a normal working day. They had got up early cooked the promised specials for their families and hung on to crowded city buses resigned to the idea of a thirteen day work week. The boss had dangled a carrot; two in fact – permission to wear casual clothes snazzy ones maybe to facilitate ease of movement and a free lunch. What exactly it was they were going to be taught no one had deigned to tell them. The … Continue reading They Too

No, Nose Is Not Sexy

GIRLS AGITATE AGAINST INTRODUCTION OF NEW UNIFORMS Our Correspondent/Somewhereinindia The girl students of a local school reportedly staged a sit in in front of the office of the District Collector Mr Parvah Nahi, IAS, supposedly as part of an ongoing protest against the alleged introduction of new uniforms in the prestigious Girls High School. The leaders of the protest alleged that the conspiracy for the change of uniforms was brewed in a social media group that consisted of ‘concerned’ members of the public and the principal was allegedly threatened with dire consequences if she did not comply with the request. … Continue reading No, Nose Is Not Sexy