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A Teacher Fondly Remembered

We have no idea whether any of us were her pets. She was quite brusque in her ways and did not seem to favour any student over the others. Yet we were fond of her. Of her springy hair wisps of which would escape the tight bun at the nape of her neck especially when she was annoyed with us and in a temper, of her erect dignified stance, of the alert bird like movements of her neck which rose above the dull orange of her high collared full sleeved blouse. In her black and white habit all that springy … Continue reading A Teacher Fondly Remembered

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Strange Dreams

Dreams have always intrigued human beings. From the earliest civilisations down to the modern day humankind has tried to interpret them in a variety of ways. Every person has an interpretation for dreams. There are those who feel that dreams, especially bad ones, are the result of thoughtless overeating at supper. Others claim that they can predict your future if you tell them your dreams. Dreams, they say, help us process emotions especially negative ones. Whatever the latest scientific theory about dreams the one fact that remains is that they continue to be a mystery. Besides they are endlessly entertaining, … Continue reading Strange Dreams

Quit a Book

15/09/2021 Quit a book if it does not interest you. That was the advice the well known author had put forth in an article. Sacrilege! I thought. I never quit a book. Not only that, I read it from cover to cover. When I say that I mean it literally. I read everything from the front matter down to the last word in the acknowledgments. But truth be told there were quite a number of books I was stuck with. I wouldn’t admit even to myself that I had quit reading them. But there they were on my bookshelf with … Continue reading Quit a Book

Guest Post – Olive Green Dreams

This is a guest post by Major Haseena P. M. Born and raised in picturesque Kerala’s Kannur district, Major Haseena is a post graduate in physics from the University of Calicut. By all appearances, she was an ordinary girl. But what set her apart from others her age was the colour of her dreams. May Good Sense Prevail Here’s a spirited peek into good old times of school and college days; thoughts that freeze my life at youth, forever! For me, school was everything but studies. What an ironic combo – school and studies! Every term the progress card presented … Continue reading Guest Post – Olive Green Dreams

Dr C. P. Unnikrishnan – Scholar, Kathakali Exponent

Scholar, Kathakali artist, choreographer, educationist, gadget geek – these are only some of the several ways one could describe Dr C. P. Unnikrishnan. Born in Ernakulam and with strong roots in Palakkad and Kozhikode, Dr Unnikrishnan is an alumnus of the Wilson College, Mumbai. After obtaining a doctorate in human physiology, everyone expected him to follow the path of research. But the pull of Kathakali, the mesmerising dance form unique to Kerala, was too strong and Dr Unnikrishnan returned home to follow his passion. Edited excerpts from a long conversation: Veena Narayan: Please share some childhood memories. Dr C. P. … Continue reading Dr C. P. Unnikrishnan – Scholar, Kathakali Exponent

Guest Post – A Strange Night

[This is a guest post written by Vaibhav K. Vaibhav is a guitarist active in the independent music scene for a long while now. He loves all things music and motor sport and is currently exploring the music scene in Mumbai.] Those closest to me know about how I gave up on a lot of things in life to pursue my love for music. And it is through this love for music, that I discovered how much I enjoyed being on the road. I had never truly experienced wanderlust while traveling by air, or by train or any other public … Continue reading Guest Post – A Strange Night

Interview: Anand Narayan – Banker with a Penchant for Stencil Art

Banking and art – they don’t seem to have much in common. But here is a banker who found expression for his creativity through stencil art. Meet Anand Narayan, a Mumbaikar, who lives and works in Hong Kong as Senior Trader with HSBC Asset Management. An alumnus of the St Lawrence High School, Santa Cruz, Mumbai, Anand also holds a post graduate degree from the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. Edited excerpts from an email interview:  Veena Narayan: I understand you were born and brought up in Mumbai. Any childhood memories that you would like to share? Anand Narayan: … Continue reading Interview: Anand Narayan – Banker with a Penchant for Stencil Art

Reading Freedom

It’s that time of the year again. Independence Day is round the corner. Here’s my take on when I feel most free: I’m free when I read. I really get a kick out of it when I think that with something as simple as the flip of a cover I’m free to enter a whole new world. This may be fantastic or futuristic. It could be a world gone by, a world that existed many centuries ago. Yet with the flip of a cover, it becomes real and I dissolve into it and become a part of it. The world … Continue reading Reading Freedom

My Fluid Relationship with Rain

I like to think there’s something special about the rains in Kerala. Their very sound is different. But they have been playing truant and that set me thinking about my rather fluid relationship with rains. Rains bring childhood memories-   Of wading along in knee high water through a maze of lanes, clutching my umbrella close while the beast pounded incessantly on it. Of Father wading along beside me, pants folded to knee length; grim faced and silent because conversation was impossible in the roar. Of the smell of new schoolbooks both texts and note and the slightly damp feel … Continue reading My Fluid Relationship with Rain

My Brush With the Virus

So, it finally found me; the virus did. The symptoms began the day after the Malayalam New Year’s day – Vishu. My mind immediately went on high alert about my breathing. It popped all sorts of questions. Was there a strain? Was I drawing in air with difficulty? Were my oxygen levels dropping? Would I know if they did? Would the oxygen levels dip while I was asleep? Wouldn’t it be better if I stayed awake and monitored my breathing?   Someone sent an oximeter and that proved to be a huge relief. The tiny little display panel was solid … Continue reading My Brush With the Virus

The Naked Warrior and the Crafty Classmate

Unni had reached the capital of Travancore and was granted an audience with King Marthanda Varma. Read the first part of the story here. The next day when Unni turned up at the palace at the appointed hour, he found the fort gates locked and bolted from the inside. Normally, there would be guards posted at the entrance, but today they too were missing. Puzzled, Unni took a walk around the fort and found all the doors locked and secured and no guards at any positions. When he came back to the original entrance, he knew that the great king … Continue reading The Naked Warrior and the Crafty Classmate